Expertise and quality for more than 25 years

For more than 25 years now, the PREMIUM Group has enjoyed great success as a residential real estate project developer and builder. With operations in Austria (since 1995), Germany (since 2004), and the USA (since 2017), the company’s activities have centered around the construction of new residential buildings.

Investment volume (EUR) 2.1 Bio.
Total area (sf) 7,000,000
Units 9,000
Projects 330

PREMIUM’s current activities include projects in the key metropolises of Vienna, Berlin, and Miami. These world-class cities are all characterized by rapid population growth, strong appeal to both residents and visitors, and a solid infrastructure – and each of them is a major economic hub. PREMIUM is developing and building both rental and owner-occupied properties, ranging from 20 to 900 residential units, for individual buyers, private investors and institutional investors. The expertise the company has gained over the course of creating more than 9,000 residential units in approximately 330 properties, including an overall investment volume of around 2.1 billion euros, has resulted in PREMIUM being ranked one of Austria’s leading real estate firms.

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