PREMIUM Immobilien

Experience and quality for more than 20 years.

PREMIUM is a project developer and property developer in the residential real estate sector with around 80 employees in Vienna and Berlin. In Austria already since 1995, and in Germany since 2004 the enterprise is active in the new building and the reorganization of dwellings. In addition, PREMIUM offers a comprehensive range of services covering all essential aspects of real estate management.

Investment volume (EUR) 1,400,000,000
Total area (sf) 6,200,000
Units 7,800
Projects 280

Residential real estate is in demand. In addition to apartment seekers, private and institutional investors are increasingly buying apartments and residential buildings. To this end, PREMIUM is developing attractive projects in the two largest German-speaking cities of Vienna and Berlin. These are characterised by strong population growth, high attractiveness for residents and visitors, a functioning infrastructure and central importance as a business location. The name PREMIUM is well known among buyers, banks and the real estate industry for its solid business conduct and high-quality, on-schedule construction. In addition, PREMIUM offers a comprehensive range of services covering the essential services related to the management of real estate. With the experience of more than 7,800 apartments in around 280 completed properties with a total investment volume of around € 1.4 billion, PREMIUM is one of the most successful real estate companies in Austria.