Expertise and quality for more than 25 years

PREMIUM is focused on real estate development in key urban areas. Operating in Austria since 1995, the company has been active in the construction and renovation of residential buildings, in Germany since 2004. Furthermore, the company entered the US real estate market with a focus on Miami in 2017.

Investment volume (EUR) 1,600,000,000
Total area (sf) 6,500,000
Units 8,200
Projects 300

Residential real estate is in demand – not only just for apartment seekers. Private and institutional investors are increasingly buying apartments and residential buildings as a qualified and long-term investment. PREMIUMs’ merchant development business model focuses on developing smartly designed, market-rate residential buildings and communities in fast-growing, highly livable cities, such as Vienna, Berlin and Miami, and then stabilizing the asset for disposition.

The name PREMIUM is well known among buyers, banks and the real estate industry for its solid business conduct and high-quality, on-schedule construction. With the experience of completing more than 8,200 apartments in about 300 properties and a total investment volume of around € 1.6 billion, PREMIUM is one of the most successful real estate companies in Austria.

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