The ENSEMBLE celebrates the completion of the bodyshell

Construction work on the ENSEMBLE is progressing rapidly and the first structural components have already been completed. This was taken as an opportunity to jointly appreciate the achievements of the workers and craftsmen working there to date.
Thus, the project partners ARE Austrian Real Estate Development GmbH and PREMIUM Immobilien AG, together with the executing general contractor HABAU - ÖSTU Szczecin, invited in the name of the client to the traditional celebration of completion of the bodyshell.

Thursday, November 22. in 2018, almost exactly one year after the ground-breaking ceremony in October 2017, the Deputy District Manager DI Rudolf Zabrana, the project partners ARE Austrian Real Estate Development GmbH and PREMIUM Immobilien AG as property developers as well as the general contractors HABAU and ÖSTU Stettin celebrated the completion of the shell of the new residential building project "DAS ENSEMBLE" together with the numerous workers of the executing companies, architects, consultants, neighbours, investors and representatives of the City of Vienna.

The event took place at wintry temperatures on the future retail space on the ground floor of one of the building components. More than 400 guests were invited, 295 workers were celebrated including construction management for the outstanding work, which was undoubtedly done here in the last few months.

After the short speeches and the traditional saying of the same name, there was a lively exchange between all those involved in the project during the subsequent meal. The concluding summary was unanimous - those present were impressed by the new housing project.

As part of this showcase project, a modern and varied residential quarter will be built on the approximately 31,000 m² building site on the Erdberger Lände by spring 2020.

Further information about the project: www.das-ensemble.wien

Gleichenfeier Das ENSEMBLE
Gleichenfeier Das ENSEMBLE