Ensemble of apartment buildings completed in Goldschlagstraße

The project Goldschlagstraße consisting of an ensemble of five Stilzins houses and a new building with a total site area of approx. 3,700 m² was completed in autumn. The buildings erected around 1900 were extensively renovated to protect their substance and a high-quality new building was erected on the Neubaugürtel 15 site.

For the renovation and new construction, subsidies from the City of Vienna (WWFSG 1989) were used. A total of 140 high-quality apartments with attractive furnishings ranging in size from 30 m² to 100 m² as well as four commercial premises were built. An underground car park with 26 parking spaces was built in the spacious inner courtyard. The buildings comprise two green inner courtyards with a total area of approx. 1,000 m2. The combination of the modern and high-quality attic construction with the classical style old buildings below creates an impressive architectural overall picture.