34th Vienna Urban Renewal Prize | Goldschlagstraße takes 1st place

Beauty competition of a different kind: The winners for the best planning and for the best renovation were awarded. First place went to the project at Goldschlagstraße 2, 1150 Vienna.

"They make the beautiful city of Vienna even more beautiful, save the residents a lot of money through thermal refurbishments and at the same time create qualified jobs. That is why I would like to thank the master builders, but also the building owners and partner trades," says Alexander Safferthal, Vice President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. A record number of 29 properties were submitted for the 34th Vienna Urban Renewal Prize - from the conversion of a former barracks into a school to the refurbishment of entire blocks of houses and modernisations for modern hospital operations. With its Urban Renewal Prize, the Vienna State Guild would like to remind that the cityscape has improved considerably in recent years, but not only serves as a film backdrop, but is also one of the most liveable cities in the world for its inhabitants. "Our master builders and their partners awaken aging buildings from their Sleeping Beauty sleep and embellish tourist magnets such as the Secession with a great deal of specialist knowledge. That's why we put them in front of the curtain," says Rainer Pawlick, guild master of the Viennese construction industry.

New use and old tenants First place went to Goldschlagstrasse 2, 1150 Vienna, where the entire project team was awarded the highest prize. This project in Goldschlagstraße 2 is a block redevelopment with courtyard gutting and partial compaction. A total of 142 apartments, three shops and one office have been built. The social aspect is particularly noteworthy, as the rent has remained affordable and old tenants have been able to remain resident.

Project team: Planner: Praschl-Goodarzi Architekten ZT-GmbH | Implementation planning - Site supervision: Baumeister Lindner GmbH | Client: PREMIUM Bauträger GmbH

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