Viennese master builders lay first brick of quality the "Güteziegel"

On Tuesday, 20th October 2020, the "Landesinnung Bau der Wirtschaftskammer Wien" laid the new "quality tile" of the Viennese master builders for the first time. PREMIUM's  rennovation project at Hernalser Hauptstraße 197 in the 17th district was awarded with the very first quality title "Güteziegel". The "Güteziegel" stands for the great expertise of the Viennese master builders.


"The turn of the century building in Hernalser Hauptstraße 197 is not only a new jewel for Hernals, but also a prime example of the work that master builder does every day in our city. That is why we have chosen this project for the first 'quality brick'", Pawlick continues. Since 2019, the old Art Nouveau building dating from 1904 with 12 residential units, a business premises and a total area of 1,050 m² has been revitalized from the ground up and with appropriate funding from the Vienna Housing Fund. Completion is scheduled for spring 2021.


the first "quality brick" of the Viennese master builders
the first "quality brick" of the Viennese master builders
© Images: @Landesinnung Bau Wien Kurt Keinrath